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I want your pieces looking as lovely as the day you received it so here are some instructions to ensure your piece is protected and always looking its best!

The rule of thumb in caring for your jewellery:

 - To prevent your pieces from becoming tarnished or scratched please ensure that they remain in their own individual jewellery boxes whilst not being worn.

 - Please treat your pieces with care. Naturally, any pulling or bending of your jewellery can cause huge damage and can also cause the inclusion stone to fall out altogether.

 - Chlorine damages the surface of jewellery and is extremely damaging to resin so please make sure all jewellery is removed before swimming. This also applies to baths and showers. Resin is water resistant (resistant to rain or splashes) but not water proof. The resin over time will discolour if it is submerged in water. Sunflower Ashes cannot be held responsible if your jewellery has been damaged due to use of chemicals, soap, lotions or perfumes. I cannot be held responsible if your pieces have been also damaged by water, however, I can repair these for a fee.

 - Please keep your pieces away from chemicals such as cleaning products and perfumes as this will damage the resin and over time, erode the surface of your silver or gold.

 - The best way to keep your silver and gold sparkling is to wear it! This prevents it oxidising with the air which over time, tarnishes it.

 - During the making of your resin pieces, micro-bubbles can sometimes appear in the resin but this is completely normal. Resin behaves as it wants to and there is nothing to prevent the removal of every bubble in each piece. This is a mark that is it indeed hand-made with no industrial interference.

 - To clean your inclusions, please wipe with a soft cloth. These do not need any chemicals or water. A soft cloth or flannel is sufficient.

 - Jewellery that contains breastmilk differs for every piece. This is due to the fact that every sample of milk is different which means that colours will vary from piece to piece.

 - Please do not use sunbeds. Resin naturally yellows if it is exposed to very strong UV rays, not to mention they are terrible for your health!

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