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This beautiful circular disc bezel is made from high-quality 925 Sterling Silver and is a perfect size for including your precious items. The photo displays a 20MM bezel making this stand out if you prefer your jewellery to be more 'statement' pieces. 


*Photo displays sapphire blue colour with inclusions of dandelion seeds and dandelion petals with gold leaf*. 


All of my jewellery is created with jewellery grade resin, which allows me to preserve your most precious inclusions. The resin is incredibly durable and unlike glass, will not shatter or crack. Your inclusions are handled with the upmost care and with PPE. 


Choices of inclusions are:


Memorial Ashes



Clothing fibres


Umbilical Cord





These can also be made without inclusions and simply tinted resin.

When choosing colors etc, the main colour is the colour of your resin and the Opal and sparkles are any additive you would like over the top of the main colour. If you do not want any crushed Opal or sparkles, please choose 'No thanks' in the drop down menu. 


The 'Soleil' Ring