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How long will it take to make my order?

Each item is created made-to-order and a lot of love and care goes into each piece. This means that I do not carry ready made stock. Silver items carry a current lead time of 6-8 weeks and gold items up to 10 weeks. If for any reason this will take longer, I will contact you to confirm any potential delays.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free within the United Kingdom. This is because postage is paid at the time you send your inclusions to me once you place your order. Shipping out-with the United Kingdom will differ. Please see shipping costs pertaining to your place of origin. If a replacement is required, postage within the United Kingdom is £3.95.

What if my item is damaged upon arrival?

I am very proud of each item and each item is carefully photographed before they are sent. In the unlikely event that your item arrives damaged, please contact me within 3 days to discuss and resolve.

What if I want to cancel my order?

If you change your mind, Sunflower Ashes offers a 24 hour cancellation period. This is a shorter timeframe than other retailers due to the nature of these products. Once an order is placed, the setting is immediately began to be made, which is why this is a 24 hour cancellation period. If you change your mind after this time period, I may be able to offer a 50% refund on orders over £50.00.

How do I send my inclusions to you?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order number. Please then send your inclusions within 30 days to the address on your order confirmation and please send these in a secure container or bag with your name and order number. These MUST be sent tracked/recorded. Sunflower Ashes are not responsible for your inclusions until they are safely in my hands.

How much of my inclusions should I send?

I ask that in relation to cremation ashes, you send 1-2 teaspoons and with breastmilk, between 5 and 10ml. Please do not send anymore than this in case of leaks. If you are sending hair, please send at least 2cm and between 20-30 strands. Fur is similar to hair, please send a 50 pence piece size. If you want to send items such as wedding bouquets, please ensure you send at least 5 petals (these can be a mix of flowers, or the same flower). Umbilical cords, please cut a small piece no bigger than 1cm and send this in a secure package.

What happens to my inclusions after?

I keep any leftover inclusions until your piece is finished and cremation ashes, hair, fur and flowers are sent back to you along with your order. Breastmilk is not kept.

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