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The Process

When placing your order with Sunflower Ashes, I have broken down the many customisable options that I have available, to make things easier for you.


Each piece of jewellery has the option to not only add your inclusion (this is the item or items that you send me, such as ashes, hair, breastmilk etc.), but also additives such as sparkles, crushed opal, glitter and gold leaf. Please choose from each drop down menu on the products page which options you would like to add to your piece. If you do not want one of the options which are available, please chose 'no thanks'.

We have a huge range or colours, sparkles and glitters! Our colour choices and sparkles are displayed under the 'Portfolio' section in 'Colours and Textures'

Please also ensure that you know your ring size before placing orders for rings. These are non returnable items so you MUST know your correct ring size. ;)

Once you have placed the order, please send me your inclusions as recorded post at the very least. I am not responsible for missing items if these are not recorded delivery. Please also make sure your name and order number are included. 


When your inclusions arrive to me, they are carefully labelled and handled with PPE at all times. Absolutely no items touch these inclusions other than precision tweezers. With pieces containing cremation ashes, please include 1 to 2 teaspoons of ashes. Whatever ashes that are not used within your jewellery will be sent back to you with your jewellery piece.

In relation to breastmilk inclusions, this can be frozen or fresh and please include 5 to 10ml of breastmilk for your jewellery piece in an airtight, secure bottle. If the amount is less, please do not worry as I can make it work! Please make sure that you include your name and order number. Please send recorded/tracked delivery. 

With inclusions of hair or fur, please send at least 2cm long and 20 to 40 strands wide if possible, but again, if this is less please do not worry. As with ashes, ensure these are in a secured container or bag and include your name and order number and send recorded/tracked delivery.

Please allow approx. 4-8 weeks for delivery of your jewellery (9ct gold up to 10 weeks). As these settings are all made-to-order and made with love, it takes time. You wouldn't want a rushed item anyway ;)

Once you have your piece of Jewelry, please confirm if you DO NOT wish for them to be shared on the Sunflower Ashes Facebook and Instagram. All pieces of Jewelry are kept confidential due to their nature and no names are ever posted on social media. 

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